in, around, through, and off...
site-specific installation for The Winchester Gallery, Winchester, UK | 2008


Site specific installation for the Winchester Gallery in the UK. Text written on the floor connected the two doors of the gallery (which used to be a library) with a song for knitting written on the floor in a loop.

artist wall text:

When I first visited The Winchester Gallery in January 2008, my first question was “Why are there two doors?”  Gallery Director John Gillet explained that the site held the library until it was flooded some years ago.  The checkout counter sat in the space between where people to came in one door, returned books, checked out new books, and exited through the other.  “It’s a loop,” I immediately said.  Given that I was invited to exhibit my as part of the In the Loop conference and the inauguration of the Knitting Reference Library, I knew I had to use these doors. 

Over the past few months I have continually thought about loops, doors, and circling patterns. But the idea that keeps coming back to me is my grandmother’s instructions as she taught me how to knit: “You put the needle through the loop, around the yarn, back through the loop, and off.. in, around, through, and off, in around, through, and off, in around, through, and off…” 

I invite you to come in, look around, walk through, be off on your way, and then come back again.